Plan Review and Maintenance

For the campus COOP plan to be used effectively in an emergency, it must be timely and complete. As such, it is imperative that UIC’s plan maintenance program involve a comprehensive review and validation process for all components of the plan. This assures the plan accurately addresses all risks, threats, and recovery strategies/concerns.

The campus COOP plan should evolve over time due to changing academic and administrative work practices, the introduction of new technologies, and shifts in campus organizational structure.  The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (VCAS) will be responsible for reviewing the COOP plan annually and recommending changes to the Emergency Operations Senior Management Team (SMT) of the campus.  If approved, such changes will be made in the COOP plan and communicated to the campus community.

The University of Illinois Ready (departmental focus) continuity plans should be reviewed by unit-level managers on an annual basis.  To ensure that changes in the plans are understood, the Office of the VCAS is responsible for overseeing the implementation of an annual continuity of operations exercise.  The exercise could include department/unit level administrators from the colleges and administrative units responsible for facilitating the recovery effort for critical campus functions and quickly resolving management issues. These administrators are accustomed to communicating with senior management and resolving problems during normal operations. An after-action report and improvement plan based on the exercise results will then be generated. Subsequently, the respective emergency management community will be made aware of the review and advised of any issues that might arise.

The following escalation notification schedule is in effect should individual University of Illinois Ready plans not be updated in a timely manner:


Days Late


30 Unit
60 Office of Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services notifies Dean or Vice Chancellor
90 Office of Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services notifies Provost/Chancellor
120 Office of Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services notifies Office of University Audits