Testing, Training, & Exercising

Are you Ready?

Periodic training of Campus faculty and staff is required in order to create a culture of preparedness and geting and staying Ready!  A Testing, Training, and Exercise (TT&E) program includes measures to ensure that the UIC’s continutiy program is capable of supporting the continued execution of its mission-critical functions throughout the campus’ emergency response.  The most effective method of training for emergency response procedures is in the form of exercises in which the faculty and staff are presented with realistic scenarios that simulate major adverse events affecting the Campus.  The implementation of periodic exercises will also guide the important process of maintaining and evolving the plan in the light of emerging issues and needs assessments. A key consideration in developing the structure of UIC's exercise program is that the academic and administrative units will routinely update their University of Illinois Ready (departmental-level) continuity plans and should also participate in the comprehensive campus-level continuiity of operations response exercises.