Relocation / Alternate Operations

After the continuity branch has been activated, notified, and transitioned into resumption and recovery mode, the Recovery Unit Leader(s), will coordinate and assemble at the alternate sites or facilities to perform mission-critical functions.  The sheer size of the Chicago campus, along with its satellite off-campus facility options, makes it less likely a major disruption on campus will require the relocation of all academic and administrative and support operations.  Each unit level continuity plan should have pre-identified primary and secondary operating locations for their recovery efforts. If they do not, the campus Senior Management Team, with consultation from the facility and space management teams, will establish cooperative agreements and mutual aid agreements for additional facilities outside the geographic campus area to support the resumption and recovery of their critical functions.

The Recovery Unit Leader(s) will be responsible for assuring their respective administrative unit or college takes the necessary steps outlined for alternate operations.  Preparedness measures are specific to each administrative unit or college, but may include such actions as the following:

  • Migration to virtual online learning environment in anticipation of facilities being compromised or difficulties coming to campus;
  • Just-in-time training for faculty and staff on tele-working capabilities;
  • Assure network capacity for increase in use of home work practices exists; and
  • Alerting ESPs to assure continuation of campus functions.