Delegation of Authority

Delegation of Authority and Succession of Leadership

In the event the Chicago campus’ senior management personnel are unavailable to perform their duties and responsibilities during an emergency, University of Illinois pre-delegated emergency decision-making and policy authorities for the Chicago campus will be exercised.  All such pre-delegations specify what the authority covers and who (by title) will have the authority. Authority specifications are addressed further in the University’s faculty handbook – Section II: University Governance and Organization – Section A: Campus Organization and Government.   

Authorized successors for each Chicago campus unit/department are listed in their respective University of Illinois Ready unit-level plans. Lines of succession will be exercised by all Chicago campus organizational units to ensure continuity of mission-critical processes only with reasonable certainty that a superior is unable and unavailable to exercise authority and when immediate action is required.  Contact information shall be communicated within each unit/department and to the next level of supervision. A successor exercising the authority of a superior should keep a log of important actions taken and the period during which the authority is exercised.