Impact Analysis

Academic and Business Impact Analysis

When confronting events which disrupt the normal operations of the Chicago campus, UIC will be committed to provide mission-critical functions which must be continued even under the most challenging emergency circumstances. The Chicago campus has identified critical procedures, assets, information, and resources (personnel, teams, facilities, equipment, and/or supplies) which ensure the safety and security of the Campus community. During activation of the emergency operations plan, the Chicago campus will concentrate on providing the mission-critical functions and building the internal capabilities necessary to increase and eventually restore operations.  

Based on projected or actual impact and severity, the campus will initiate specific actions to recover the operational capabilities, with minimal disruption to the Campus’ normal operations by immediately addressing:

  • Safety of faculty, staff, students, and visitors;
  • Security of critical infrastructure, facilities, and data;
  • Continuity of decision-making processes;
  • Resumption of the campus’ mission-critical functions;
  • Recovery of UIC’s learning environment; and
  • Restoration of academic, research, and business operations at the Chicago campus.

The impact of a disruption to the Campus may be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively in terms of an impact tolerance threshold on what administrative and academic operations need to be recovered within a particular time frame.  Each Vice Chancellor participated in an Impact Tolerance focus group to strategically discuss recovery concerns and to determine key exposures with information technology, revenue streams, critical processes, facilities, third parties, and personnel.  Each unit identified the realistic and achievable target times by means of a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for each critical process.  

The RTO represents the maximum amount of downtime allowable before a disruption compromises the ability of a unit to achieve its recovery objectives.  Depending on the time and nature of the incident, RTO’s may need to be adjusted.  More detailed breakdowns of each process and corresponding RTO can be found in the individual University of Illinois Ready unit-level plans.