Emergency Response

Multi-Agency Response - Unified Command

The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services is the Incident Commander.

As an emergency expands or contracts, changes in discipline, or becomes more or less complex, multiple outside agencies may respond.  Under these circumstances, personnel from local, State and Federal agencies will comprise a Unified Command and share the responsibility for incident management.  Unified Command allows all major organizations with responsibility for an incident to establish a common set of incident objectives and strategies.  Under Unified Command, the various jurisdictions and/or agencies and non- government responders blend together throughout the operation to create an integrated response team.  The VCAS always remains in charge of UIC personnel and property and will direct and coordinate campus activities with outside agencies.

Emergency Response Priorities

Buildings occupied by constituent populations

  •  Residences, classrooms, laboratories, offices, childcare centers, auditoriums, athletic facilities, special event venues

Buildings critical to security, health and safety

  • Medical facilities, police buildings, emergency shelters, food supplies, sites containing potential hazards

Facilities that sustain the Emergency Response

  • Energy systems and utilities, communications services, computer installations, transportation systems

Unoccupied administrative, classroom, research or other buildings