Emergency Communications & Information

Every effort will be made to keep the campus community and the public informed of developments during an emergency.  Dissemination of timely information is essential for decision making, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of well-being and security.

Campus-Wide emergency communications will be conducted on Parking1.   All UIC Police radios contain these frequencies.  These channels may be employed by any campus Unit/Department to communicate with each other.

Police/Fire communications with outside jurisdictions responding to a multi-agency event will normally be conducted on Chicago/Cook County InterMetro Channel 1 or 2.               

A stock of Illinois State Police StarCom hand-held radios is maintained at the UIC Police Department for emergency interoperable communications with Illinois State Units/Departments.  

Joint police operations with the Chicago Police Department may be conducted on CW 5 or 6; all UIC Police radios contain CW 5 and 6 frequencies. 



Level 1- Minor - Limited notifications
  • Normally, this emergency plan will not be activated
  • No casualties, no threat to life, no panic
  • Disruption is minimal and the incident is quickly resolved
  • The Incident Commander will consult with the Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs as to the level of communication that will be appropriate.


Levels 2 & 3 - Very broad and comprehensive notifications
  • Short Message System  SMS
    • May be activated by Public Affairs or the UIC Police Department during off hours
  • UIC Hotline 312-413-9696
  • UIC Home Web Page    www.emergency.uic.edu
  • UIC Web Mail Account
  • Audible Alert System
    • “Emergency on Campus”
    • “Information on Current Situation”
    • “Armed Violence”
    • “Severe Weather”
    • Manual over-ride—Voice Message
    • “All Clear” (Incident under control)
  • Local Media