Shelter-in-place is an action taken to seek immediate shelter indoors when emergency conditions do not warrant or allow evacuation. These situations may include extreme weather or dangerous air quality due to the accidental or intentional release of hazardous materials.


Shelter-in-place will be signaled by activating the UIC Alert System – a loud audible alert that can be heard in all outdoor areas on campus and surrounding communities. The system will sound a series of intermittent blasts.

In addition, UIC may utilize any of the following emergency notification systems to notify the campus community:

  • Indoor Audible Alerts. All 119 UIC buildings have a receiver and transmitter, and blue strobe light.
  • Web Alerts on UIC home page.
  • UIC SMS Emergency Text Message. Emergency notification messages are sent to most cell phones on most major wireless providers.
  • UIC Information Hotline. The campus has a hotline number that you can call 24/7/365 to obtain the current operational status of the campus, as well as the details of any active emergency in effect. Simply call (312) 413-9696.
  • Startel Emergency Phone. The campus has the ability to activate all the strobe lights located on top of the 1500+ emergency blue light telephones on campus.
  • UIC Twitter Account @uicnews.
  • UIC Facebook Page

Actions: If you hear the UIC Emergency Notification System, you should enter the nearest building and move to the lowest, most interior area of the building away from windows or hazardous equipment or materials.