Hazardous Materials Incident

A hazardous material (HAZMAT) is defined as a material that would be a danger to life, health, or the environment if released without precaution.


In the event of a HAZAMAT (biological, chemical, radiological, fuel, or oil) spill, incident, or release for which assistance is needed:

  • If the incident is indoors, close all doors in order to isolate the area if it is safe to do so.
  • From a safe area, call 911.
  • Be prepared to provide the following information regarding the spill or release:
    • Location/building name/address of the leak
    • Source of the leak, if it can be identified immediately
    • Extent of the leak (e.g., number of rooms/floors involved)
    • If anyone is experiencing symptoms of exposure (e.g., light-headedness, fainting, etc.)
  • Evacuate or shelter-in-place, as appropriate. Remain in a safe area until you are informed by emergency response personnel that it is safe to return.
  • DO NOT attempt to contain the spill or identify the materials/substances that are involved unless safety permits, you have been properly trained, and it is an expectation of your job or position at UIC.


  • In the event you are exposed to a chemical, immediately wash/flush the exposed area for 15 minutes with cool water.
  • Emergency shower and eyewash stations are located in areas where hazardous materials are used or stored. If an emergency shower or eyewash station is unavailable, use a restroom sink or shower.
  • Ensure that a Safety Report of Accident is filed with the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) and your supervisor is notified.