Floor Coordinators

Floor Coordinators are individuals responsible for assisting with the orderly evacuation or sheltering-in-place of all personnel within their area of responsibility, and physically accounting for those individuals once convened at the evacuation assembly area(s).


  • All actions should be done only if it is safe to do so.
  • Emergency response personnel have full authority to order an evacuation. Floor Coordinators and the Building Emergency Management Teams can initiate an evacuation and/or shutdown of the building.
  • Individuals identified as Floor Coordinators assume the role voluntarily and understand they are not considered emergency responders.
  • Floor Coordinators must be physically and emotionally able to perform the necessary functions of providing assistance with notification, evacuation, or sheltering-in-place.
  • Floor Coordinators should report observations of persons in need of rescue assistance to emergency responders.
  • Floor Coordinators should report observed damage of building systems to emergency responders.